Crazy Beautiful Undeserved Grace

Crazy Beautiful Undeserved GraceMost of my life I’ve heard stories about Jesus. We would have Sunday school lessons about the loaves and fishes. We would sing “Away in a Manger,” during our Christmas recitals and read bed time stories from our children’s Bible. I am grateful to have grown up knowing who Jesus was and that I was taught these very important stories. But, this weekend I couldn’t help but contemplate how sometimes familiarity dulls the profoundness of what Christ has really done for us.

StockSnap_S9PCRT7BCOHave you ever once thought about the fact that Jesus Christ was born a baby and had dirty diapers? He had to learn to walk and talk. He had siblings that acted the way most siblings do. And as He grew into a man, He no doubt had all of the temptations that most adolescents have, but instead chose to stay pure for you and me.

His mother became a widow and Jesus became the head of His home and took upon himself the every day task of carpentry, to support His earthly family. This man who also had deity inside, humbled himself for nearly 30 years living a perfect life…a perfect life so that we do not have to.shadow-185314_1920

This perfect God man not only lived a perfect life…He loved a perfect love. Knowing full well that we were dead in our sins, He volunteered to not only humble Himself by becoming a man, but He willingly took upon Himself the complete wrath of God, so that we could be called children of God. No longer do we have to live under the law, but now we live under grace…undeserved life-saving grace.

And here’s the crazy thing about God’s grace, because of it, we are justified! Because of the blood of Christ, in God’s eyes we are completely innocent. We are washed clean today, yesterday, and tomorrow. When Jesus said, “It is finished,” that is exactly what He meant. The victory is won and we are no longer dead to sin but alive in Christ!THEREF~2

How many times do you mess up and think, “God must be so angry that I keep doing this?” How many times have I been guilty of imagining God’s displeasure and disappointment in me! But, here’s the amazing thing about grace…it gives us freedom!  God isn’t looking down on me disappointed. When He looks at me, He sees Christ! My mess ups and my sins have already been accounted for!

Bask in the freedom of God’s grace, sisters! Our Bridegroom lived a perfect life because of His perfect love for you. No longer do we have to live under the guilt of our sin. No longer do we have to live under the disappointments of our flaws. Jesus already paid our penalty so that we could be free to rest in His love for us. We are so loved by our God! And because we are so loved, how can we not share this love with others!StockSnap_LP47VXNU6G





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