Standing Out for Jesus

I can see that it is easy to become hard-hearted in this world. Take London commuters. Never has there been a more miserable bunch of people! Everyone desperate to avoid eye contact, people squash close to each other but try not to touch each other. No one exchanges a smile or even a word of acknowledgement. Everyone just wants to get to their destination.


In this environment people do seem to be out for themselves, not even offering a seat for a pregnant lady and pushing past you so they get on the train. I think this is a horrible way to behave but, if I did the commute regularly, maybe I would become like them. When everyone is doing it around you, it’s hard not to join them.

I was about to travel on the Eurostar for the first time to Paris. I had a large suitcase! I was staying for a week’s vacation, but more importantly I was going to a dear friend’s wedding and I was responsible for doing three of her bridesmaid’s hair. I am not a professional, so I had packed everything I could think of to make these ladies’ hair beautiful.

I had to lug this suitcase through London Waterloo. It was not peek time but I still expected travelers to be ignorant. London Waterloo has so many stairs it’s not funny. I prayed that I’d make it. I prayed that God would help me through this huge train station and I would catch the Eurostar on time.


God blessed me so much. Not one, but three people helped me with my suitcase. Two men and a lady, who I had to comment was very strong for being so dainty. It felt like there were angels at Waterloo.

These people amongst the miserable commuters stood out. Their acts of kindness are remembered a decade later.

Matthew 5:16

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Just like these angels in London Waterloo, it is so important to stand out for Jesus. Not be swept away by the ugliness of the world. Stand out and be different. Show acts of kindness in the name of the Lord Jesus and let our light shine.

Thanks to Susan Dreyer for her awesome London Waterloo Photos


4 thoughts on “Standing Out for Jesus

  1. Waterloo is a frequent ‘mid-point’ for me travelling to work at different destinations!

    I don’t believe that He put only 3 people (out of the 3 thousand ) in your path. He put what you needed, and that was 3.

    The others will have been given their own roles – that grumpy , pushy woman rushing past , was trying to get to work on time, because she had to perform surgery that day and her train was delayed.

    That miserable man who wouldn’t let you in the queue had just lost his job and was trying to get to an interview and was stressed because if he didn’t get the job, he couldn’t pay his rent.

    That young girl tutting and moaning about someone else’s children , didn’t get any sleep because she’s a carer for her disabled dad.

    He knows what He is doing. We just have to have faith and take a breath when other humans seem rude, rushed, insular. He has them in his hands as well Hx

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  2. You have a gentle, kind soul Caroline. Thank you for your words, I always read them, and I always think deeply about your messages . Keep doing what you are doing lovely Caroline, you are so eloquent at spreading His word , and living your life in a beautiful way Hx

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  3. I really appreciate your feed back and hearing things from your point of view has inspired me. It is amazing that God knows every detail of our lives. He cares for every individual. I’m so grateful you read my blog and thank you for your encouragement. I love our Lord Jesus. CC xx


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