The King’s Seal

I am writing this 38,000 thousand feet above Massachussettes, while I am sitting in this pretty empty plane of 32 people, just in awe of God.

In so many ways during my trip to Maine, His goodness whispered to me, “Ash, I love you. I am with you. We are walking through your life together. I have a divine purpose.”

My King is so good to me. All the love and all the joy I saw around me on my trip blessed me. It was like each day was divinely stamped with the King’s seal, ordained by Him. Surprising my sister, a day of coffee and chatting with just my mom, hugging my family and friends. Sweet conversations with my teenage niece. My dad. My brother tickling our little Kezia with his beard, haha. Seeing my sweet cousin, Sarena. I was able to be a part of my old bible study where we had guest speaker and writer, Meadow Merill with us. Countless visits with dear, dear ladies whom I love… They are all sweet memories tucked in my message from the King. And it was all divinely stamped with the King’s seal.

And that’s just what our days are.

While in Maine three different people shared this verse with me.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them” (Ephesians 2:10).

For now, God has good works for me to do in Utah, things He prepared long ago. Your days are ordained by Him too. They are His divine appointments for us, and we can be excited to walk in them.


5 thoughts on “The King’s Seal

  1. Oh, Ashley, this is just so beautiful that it lifts my heart right up to the throne and we are together there just radiating the love of God Who has brought us there! There’s just so much in my heart to share but it’s necessary to just ponder it and come back to this! Thank you so very much for sharing your heart, your pictures and thoughts and hope that is alive in Jesus! God bless you my friend and sister in Christ as you serve the lord in UT where He has you and your family planted right now. Our times are “in His hands!”


    • Dear Pat,
      Thank you so much! God used you in our visit together. I treasure the time I had with you! I love you, dear friend!


  2. God bless you sweet Godly Lady to do the work God has sent you to do along with your husband and family. Thank you for your Blogs!


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