Defend the Hope

Not long ago I had an opportunity to talk about God to someone who is not a follower of Jesus. I had no preconceived ideas of how the conversation would flow or what this persons response might be.

I wasn’t worried about what to say or what not to say. Honestly I had not even intended to speak about the Lord. Our discussion just naturally headed to a place where I was able to speak a few simple truths about our Creator.

God merely took this moment in my day to allow my conversation to become a testimony of His glory and His greatness. I immediately sensed God’s presence.

I am amazed at how God can turn a quick conversation into an encounter designed by Him and for His glory. I am humbled that His Spirit reminded me what to speak so that the greatness of God was given one more opportunity to be heard in the life of another person. Please pray for them.


One thought on “Defend the Hope

  1. That is quite a wonderful praise to learn about! God does prepares us for what He sends us, too! I love Ephesians 2:10 which you and Ashley and Alivia talked about when Ashley was out here! May the lord encourage the seeds you have planted and may they grow!


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